Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Questions And Ancestors

Questions And Ancestors is back on TV even though it might be in reruns. After not seeing it all summer I noticed it is back on BYU TV (on many cable & satellite systems). Right now it is on Tuesday at 6:30 PM & will probably on Thursdays like last year, but after the time change in Utah it will be an hour different. It is a great little program giving you help with research for your genealogy. You can listen to some of the past episodes at http://byub.org/questionsandancestors/episodes.asp but believe you me that is only part of them.

Also I have been listening to it on the Internet on BYU Radio http://www.byuradio.org/streaming/ Saturday & Sundays at 10 AM all summer. The schedule is at http://www.byuradio.org/schedule/. Use the “View Entire Day's Listings” to find what will on upcoming episodes. Remember we are an hour earlier until October 29th.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Massachusetts Archives Searchable Collections

Massachusetts Archives website has 3 nice searchable databases.

Massachusetts Archives Collection Database (1629-1799)
No actual documents, but a good index.

Passenger Manifest (1848-1891)
If listed it contains: Name, Title, Age, Gender, Birth City, State, Country, Germany, Destination City, State, Country, In USA, Occupation, Citizen, Condition, Arrive With, Residence, Date, Port, Ship Name, List Number, Comment.

Vital Records (1841-1910)
Right now only has a death index. The information you will get is Last Name, First Name, Town, Years, Volume, Page & Type.

Monday, September 04, 2006

New Genealogy Resource In Quartzsite

The Family History Center in Quartzsite has gone broadband. Instead of 6 computers sharing a 56k modem, they now have Satellite Internet. Along with that they have 2 computers with Ancestry.com. Something new GenSmarts is on most of the computers, it will analyze your genealogy file & make recommendations where to look for sources & take you there if it's online.

Right now they are open Monday & Wednesday 9-12 AM, but this winter they are talking about being open Monday Wednesday & Friday 9-12 AM & Tuesday & Thursday 6-8 PM.

The address is:
455 S Riggles Rd
Quartzsite, Arizona