Saturday, March 18, 2006

Software Review - Legacy Family Tree

One of my favorite genealogy programs is Legacy Family Tree. One disadvantage is it has so many features it is a little hard to get use to. I first downloaded it because I like the webpages it created. The standard version is free & I used it for about 6 months before decided I wanted the bells and whistles of the deluxe version. When I first started using the 4.0 standard version it did have some annoying nag screens telling me “this function is only available deluxe version”, I noticed when upgrading to ver. 6 I only got them when I try accessing the deluxe function from the top menu (that was before I entered my registration number). One thing I REALLY like about this company is, Tech Support!!! There has only been a few companies that given me such personal help & followed up with me to make sure I got everything fixed. The bad thing is their mailing list, it is so active it is hard to keep up with everything going on there ;-) If you would like to see what it can do & how it compares with other programs more info here: .

They have 2 free online videos “Legacy for beginners” & “What’s new in Legacy 6”, they will give you a chance to see what it offers.

Tip: You can have 8 customizable Internet searches, here is a search string to one of my favorite multiple search engines[WholeName]+[BirthYear]+[DeathYear]

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