Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stephen P. Morse's Search Engines

Alan from one of the lists I’m on turned me on to a Ellis Island search engine that is easier to use than the official website So I went and explored the developer’s website & found several other good links. The pay links are clearly marked with a “$”, and most of them send you to but there are a few others. There are so many I had to condense what I found.

  • Ellis Island Search Forms and Ship Arrivals (1892-1924), Some pay sites.
  • Castle Garden (and earlier) Search Forms and Ship Arrivals (1820-1891), Some pay sites.
  • Other Ports of Immigration: Baltimore Passengers (1820-1948), Boston Passengers (1820-1943), Galveston Passengers (1844-1954), Philadelphia Passengers (1800-1945), San Francisco Passengers (1893-1953). Some pay sites.
  • US Census and Soundex (1790-1940): Some pay sites but many interesting searches like ED finder, street finder, street name changes & more.
  • Canadian and British Census: 1901 census for Canadian & British are free the others are pay sites.
  • New York Census: Obtaining AD/ED for the 1905/15/25 NY State Census & Brooklyn 1925 Name Index: Searching the Brooklyn 1925 Census.
  • Births, Deaths, and other Vital Records: Several interesting search engines.
  • Calendar, Sunrise/Sunset, Maps.
  • Dealing with Characters in Foreign Alphabets: Converting Hebrew, Russian, Greek, English & a few other goodies.
  • Holocaust and Eastern Europe.
  • Creating your own Search Forms, Search Engines, and Databases

And more!!!!

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