Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google Book Search

On Google Book Search there are a lot of books here that are copyright free which are nice for research. Just enter your keywords and your results will be “Full View”, “Limited Preview”, “Snippet View”, or “No Preview Available”. But you do have the option to limit your search as “Full Page” only, which will get you mostly the copyright free books. Another nice feature is your keywords are highlighted so they can be easily found. “Advanced Search” will give you a chance to search by Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, and even search by ISBN (barcode).

Options when you found a book:
  • Browse: Will let you look at the book page by page.
  • Search within the book: Will let you search for more keywords within the book.
  • Buy the book: Doesn’t guarantee that the book will be there but might help.
  • Find reviews: Doesn’t pop up much on the copyright free books, but might help if you plan on buying the book.
  • Find it in a library: Will tell you if a library has it, and you might be able to use the interlibrary loan to get it from your local library.
  • Learn about the publisher: Will get you to the publisher’s website.

For more information on Google Book Search can be found at

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