Friday, August 24, 2007

Microfilm Camera Mount

Tired of bad copies on the microfilm copy machines or having to make several tries to get the machine set just right? The GSC Associates Microfilm Camera Mount could help. Any camera with a standard 1/4-20 mounting hole will fit on it, and with digital cameras you will be able view the image before you move on. Most cameras now a days have auto focus & exposure so all you need to do is turn off the flash. More information is here

TIP: To get better pictures out of your camera use the timer or remote to take the picture. Even though it is on a tripod or mount, just pushing the button can still shake the camera.

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Dennis said...

I just purchased this mount. It needed 2 wing nut & one locking washer, one where the camera mounts to it (the nuts were impossible to hand tighten) and where the arm connected to the mount (same reason, the nut was impossible to hand tighten). For $1 extra for the wing nuts & locking washer it made a nice camera mount for the money.