Saturday, December 08, 2007

Land Research

Rede had done several videos on Land Research using very useful websites. I covered 2 of the sites April of 2006

Searching Land Patents Part 1
Using the BLM website to find homestead land patents.

Searching Land Patents Part 2
Using TSR-data website to find land patents on a map.

Searching Land Patents Part 3
Plotting land descriptions on a map.

See for more info on plotting land descriptions.

Plotting Land On Quad Maps
Plotting land on free quadrant maps from

I was VERY impressed with the quality of the maps on Libre Map Project , but the TIF files were a bit large (I averaged about 10 megs). I would recommend converting them into PDF so you can just print out what you need.

Basically to use the Libre Map Project, Click “Data” > Click the state you want > Then use the “Search” or Click “View the entire list of USGS Oklahoma Digital Raster Graphic Maps” > Then look in the “Cell Name” or “Longitude & Latitude” for the map you want.

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