Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Video From Rede

Labeling Your Digital Images
How to label your digital genealogy images so you & others can easily identify them later. There are plenty of free good programs out there, you will just need one that you can change the canvas size & add text. For this I will use GIMP http://gimp.org/ , a good free program.

Embedding Information In A Digital Photo
How to embed text in an image with properties

Pro Photo Tools Part 1
Pro Photo Tools http://www.microsoft.com/prophoto/ , a free program to embed text into your digital photos. This video will go into location name, GPS coordinates, identify location on a map, view images on a map.

Pro Photo Tools Part 2
A brief explanation of other text you can embed in a digital photo and other information you can view with Pro Photo Tools http://www.microsoft.com/prophoto/ . This will include description, date time, other, categories, shot, camera, and photographer.

Site Search Genealogy Style
Using Google Tool Bar's "Site Search" to help you search a website, or use "site:domain.com" in a search engine to speed up you genealogy searches.

Descendant Book Numbering System
The Register System is a very easy way to use a descendant book. I hope this video will help you enter the information into your genealogy.

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