Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free Online Newspapers

I have talked about ICON in the past "ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers", and "Newspapers On The Library of Congress Website". Rede has been working on some tutorials on how to use free online newspapers. ICON is a great place to start . If anyone has problems using any of links off ICON maybe he can make another tutorial video on it.

Online Newspapers - ICON
ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers is a wonderful place to get started looking for your family in your genealogy. What I like the most is the free & pay sites are clearly marked. The database for the individual newspapers can be found here

Online Newspapers - Utah Digital Newspapers
Using online digital newspaper to find gems on your family. In this we are exploring Utah Digital Newspapers . Several tips on how to do a successful search.

Online Newspaper - Historic Missouri Newspaper Project
A demo of online newspapers that use the older ActivePaper by Olive Software. In this video I briefly go over the Historic Missouri Newspaper Project .

Online Newspapers - Chillicothe Constitution Tribune
In this I use the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune a free Missouri newspaper from NewspaperArchive. More & more libraries are offering NewspaperArchive so check out your county & state library system to see if it is available. If not ask for it ;-)

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