Thursday, March 22, 2007

Family Tree Guide

Family Tree Guide is a nice website were you can put your genealogy. It is similar to other web based PHP genealogy programs, but you don't have to have your own website or do any of the setup. More information on the features can be found here

Things I like:
  • You get you own web address ie.
  • Several different way to view people; Individual, Pedigree, Descendancy, Relationship Calculator, Timeline.
  • You register others for your account so you can collaborate.
  • The advanced search you can search names, dates, places, notes & more.
  • You can even add histories, documents, and photos.

Things I didn’t like:
  • You are supposed to be able upload a gedcom to update your file, but I tried to replace my gedcom to take out photo links in my file but was unable to. I ended up deleting the file & then uploading the edited gedcom as new.
  • The only way to add contact info was to put my email in the footer.
  • The biggest problem is the defalt is no event/facts (census, moved, etc...), but all I had to do was select them to be allowed & reupload the gedcom.

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