Friday, March 30, 2007

Online Backup & Storage

After trying 2 online backup services that offer free accounts, Xdrive and Mozy, I see strong points in both. For accessing your files from another computer or sharing I must go with Xdrive, no online access to your files with Mozy. For automaticly backing up of importaint files I must go with Mozy, Xdrive is slow as tar. Mozy is much faster & you can restore you files to any point up to 30 days old. I think we can relate to adding wrong information in our genealogy, well if you catch it in 30 day you can restore your file back to the point you made the mistake. Another thing to concider is where Xdrive offers 5 Gigs of storage, where Mozy offers 2. If security is an issue nothing beats a good old fasion external hard drive.

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