Monday, March 12, 2007

Need Extra Storage Space?

Dead Site!!!!

3 sure things in life are death, taxes & hard drive crashes. Xdrive is an online storage service offering 5 Meg of free storage. There are a lot of free photo storage services out there but what I like about this is you can store other files.

Here are some things you can do with Xdrive:
  • Better secure your important files - photos, video, music, and more.
  • Keep your digital photos in full resolution.
  • Prevent bounced e-mail - share very large files without a problem.
  • Schedule Automatic Backups of your important files.
  • Share folders with others for just viewing or to work collaboratively.
  • Access your files anytime through any web connection.
  • Organize, edit and stream music playlists through any Web connected PC.

"Xdrive Desktop" acts as an auto backup of certain folders on your hard drive, but I found it slow as tar. The slide show you can add music & email an invitation out to people to view it, myself I don't like giving emails of friends to free services. The things I really like about this service is backing up your bookmarks. You can also upload groups of files or folders & download them just as easily. Downloads are grouped together as a ZIP file so you will need to uncompress them when done.

Should you find 5 Gig just isn't enough try putting your pictures on AOL Pictures, that is unlimited storage & can be accessed from Xdrive.

One last piece of advice locks & security only keep honest people honest, put confidential information online at you own risk.

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